Jul 042014

Following from the last successful master class we had in the beginning of the year with Dan Hughes, we bring you another fantastic master class you will not want to miss.

Allan Schore Master Class – Friday 26th September 2014
RAF Museum London, Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5LL


Allan Schore is a leading researcher in the field of neuropsychology whose contributions have influenced many fields including attachment theory, infant mental health and psychoanalysis.

Schore has taken particular interest in the enduring effect of early trauma on brain development and has used this work to affect his practice of psychotherapy over the last 4 decades.

Morning Programme: Early right brain affect regulation and the relational origins of emotional well-being

Afternoon Programme: Relational trauma and the development of the right brain. The neurobiology of broken attachment bonds.

This event is a fundraising events, attending it will not only enrich your scope of knowledge, but will also help to bring the vision of Terapia Centre into reality. We hope to see you there.

CPD Certificates will be available

Free Parking is included

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All profit from this event will go to the Terapia Centre, Charity Number 1144041.